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battery energy storage solutions

As batteries are the key fundamental solar energy storage solutions and considered as the last line of protection.battery energy storage solutions.AGM VRLA battery, gel storage batteries, OPzV battery.lead acid battery.

24V gel solar battery

Features: Maintenance-free lead-acid battery (no need to use the process of water); 1 life of up to 5 years, small internal resistance, high output power; 2 completely sealed (no leakage of liquid, no acid gas overflow); . Self-discharge is small, less than 3.5% per month, stable performance, economical and practical;? Corrosion resistance, deep discharge recovery performance; 4 can be used in any direction, easy to transport. Applications: Camera, electric toy car, backup power supply, mobile electronic equipment, small electronic equipment security series, electronic scale series, general UPS series, general electric skateboard series emergency lights and emergency power series general power system, general solar backup power system 24v gel battery used in solar energy systems, gel battery gel for the fumed silica, fumed silica is a high purity white odorless nano-powder material, with thickening, anti-caking, control system rheology and Thixotropic and other effects, in addition to the traditional application, in recent years in the gel battery has been widely used. Gel battery excellent characteristics 1, can significantly extend the battery life. According to the literature, you can extend the life of 2-3 times the battery. 2, Deel cycle gel battery self-discharge performance has been significantly improved in the same sulfuric acid purity and water quality, the battery storage time can be extended more than 2 times. 3, gel lead-acid batteries in the case of a serious power shortage, anti-curing properties are obvious. 4, gel lead-acid batteries in the case of severe discharge of the recovery ability. 5, gel lead-acid battery anti-overcharge ability, through the two lead-acid batteries (a gel lead-acid batteries, a VRLA battery) also repeated several times overcharge test, gel lead-acid battery capacity Decreased slowly, and VRLA batteries because of excessive water consumption, its capacity decreased significantly. 6, gel lead-acid battery discharge performance was significantly improved. http://www.bullsbattery.com
Source: http://www.bullsbattery.com

Environmental Health & Safety

By any measure, lead-acid batteries and the environment are one of the environmental success stories of our lifetime. More than 98 percent of all battery lead and plastic is recycled, making the lead-acid battery the recycled leader of all consumer products.

The life cycle of a lead-acid battery follows a continuous, closed loop. The typical new lead-acid battery is made with 60 to 80 percent recycled lead and plastic. When a spent battery is collected and returned to a permitted recycler, its lead and plastic are reclaimed and directed to new battery manufacturing.

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Lead-acid battery safety efforts by the battery industry have led to the adoption of battery recycling laws in 38 states while five others have disposal bans. What other industry works so hard to steward its product from the beginning of its service life, through distribution, collection of old product, recycling and reclamation, and back to another service life? What other industry takes responsibility to meet stringent environmental regulations that protect the environment while providing a critical recycling service?

Air Filtration, Clean Water, Clean Air, Work Practices, Fugitive Emissions

More than 80 percent of lead produced in the United States is used in lead acid batteries. The battery industry takes pride in its advanced technology and common sense practices that dramatically reduce lead emissions from manufacturing and recycling facilities.

The solar system battery industry is regulated by local, state, and federal agencies, which inspect manufacturing and recycling plants to verify that the companies are meeting standards.

When taken together, all of these practices add up to a very responsible effort on the part of lead-acid battery manufacturers and recyclers to keep even small amounts of lead out of the environment. Together, the efforts make a measureable difference.

What is off-grid solar power system?


Energy is very scarce in the future, and to be needed, the solar system battery was created just to meet you.In less developed areas to provide electricity, such as Africa, India, etc. These areas that need a lot of electricity.



Solar power system consists of solar panel, solar controller, solar battery (group) composition. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, also need to configure the inverter.


Solar power generation system is divided into off-grid power generation system, grid-connected power generation system and distributed generation system:


1, off-grid power generation system mainly by the solar cell components, controllers, batteries, such as the output power of AC 220V or 110V, also need to configure the inverter.


2, and grid power generation system is generated by the solar module DC power through the grid-connected inverter to meet the requirements of the AC power grid directly after access to the public power grid. Grid-connected power generation systems are centralized and large-scale grid-connected power plants are generally state-level power plants, the main feature is the generation of electricity directly to the grid by the unified deployment of power to the user power supply. However, this power plant investment, construction period is long, covers an area of large, not much development. The decentralized small-scale grid-connected power generation system, especially PV building integrated power generation system, is the mainstream of grid-connected power generation due to the advantages of small investment, fast construction, small footprint and strong policy support.


3, Distributed generation system, also known as distributed generation or distributed energy, refers to the user at the scene or near the site configuration of small photovoltaic power supply system to meet the needs of specific users to support the existing distribution network Economic operation, or both to meet the requirements.


The basic equipment of the distributed photovoltaic power generation system includes PV modules, PV arrays, DC converters, DC power distribution cabinets, grid-connected inverters and AC power distribution cabinets, as well as power supply system monitoring devices and environmental monitoring Device. Its operation mode is in the condition of solar radiation, the solar power module array of solar power system will convert the solar energy into the DC power distribution cabinet, which is converted into the alternating current supply by the grid-connected inverter The building's own load, redundant or insufficient power, is adjusted by connecting the grid.

Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology Co., Ltd

Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology Co., Ltd provides energy storage solutions for telecommunication, power utility, UPS and renewable energy industries globally. As batteries are the key fundamental energy storage solutions and considered as the last line of protection, our company assures that the products are robust and highly reliable.


      With our global headquarters in China, equipped with the state of the art manufacturing equipment in Hubei, Jiangxi and Guangdong factories, we offer innovative and comprehensive products and service, which includes: AGM VRLA battery, hybrid gel storage batteries, OPzV battery, li-polymer batteries, lead acid motive batteries for electric vehicles.


      Supporting Service: OEM/ODM.


      Products have passed CE&UL certificate, our company has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificate.


      Understanding the market needs and delivering product exceeding customer expectations is what differentiates BULLS POWER. We focus on the ability of maximizing the value of the product to the customer and help them reduce their operating cost. This is achieved through extensive market research and R&D.

BULLS POWER solar energy storage battery solutions

Value Propositions, Vision, Mission statement

Our aspiration is to make the world's most outstanding green power provider. We strive to be the best partner and solver of battery solutions.

The corporate strategy is targeted to success, but equally respects the interests of employees, customers, and society. Our value propositions and strategy give our employees clear orientation for their daily work.

Our Core Values

  • Excellent quality to establish the fundamental, to provide quality services to customers


Focus Areas

Wisdom Power delivers new innovations with customized battery design to meet the demand for reliable energy supply in harsh situations such as high temperature, frequent power failure and CDC applications (charge/discharge/cycle).

We focus on maximizing the value we build for our customers by providing tailor-made solutions. We do not only provide the Best Solution of solar Battery to our customers, but we also promote the use of High Energy Efficiency for the benefit of all.


48V solar system battery,24V solar gel battery.The best battery for you.


provides energy storage solutions for telecommunication, power utility, UPS and renewable energy industries globally. As batteries are the key fundamental energy storage solutions and considered as the last line of protection